5-Day Breakthrough Challenge

In this free course, you will walk away with the skillset required to know how to break through the limiting beliefs that you know are blocking your growth, stop giving time to the things that drain you, and be surrounded by a tribe that understands and supports you!

Where to Start

Feeling uncertain, stuck or resistance to getting started? Jump into our private community and ask for guidance and help!

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Join the Conversation

Our community has become one that shares encouragement, challenges, tips and humour which helps everyone integrate what they’ve learned, grow friendships and see real transformation!

Get Your Mind Right

Access the Heart Centering guided meditation, and listen daily!

If you feel you may need one-on-one guidance to walk you through your journey to a transformed life, you can apply here.


Cleanse Your Mind, Body & Soul

Are you sick of feeling lethargic, bloated, irritable, exhausted, unable to lose weight, and generally unwell? This 14-day reset is designed to detox from the habits and programming keeping you from your best life.

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To check out which courses you have access to, update your billing information, download your certificates and more.

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12-Week Breakthrough Tribe Program

This is the culmination of my study and work with clients over the past several years, brought to you in lessons you can take at your own pace and experience incredible life transformation! Learn how to shed old beliefs, break energetic bonds from things holding you back from joy, peace, health and fulfillment, and step into the best version of yourself.

VIP Program

Book an Integrative Intuitive Session to receive a customized reading and analysis one-on-one with me!

Once you’ve completed your Integrative Intuitive Session with me, you can apply here to work with me as a VIP.

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