12 Week Breakthrough Tribe

Tired of wasting your time and energy or low level crap, not living your fullest potential?  

Want to finally breakthrough the BS that is keeping you from connecting with who you really are, so you can become the vibration of the life you want to create and start attracting it now?


about this course

This course takes you through twelve(12) weekly pre-recorded videos (Discovery Phase, Mindset Upgrade Phase, and Breakthrough/Implementation Phase) designed to show you how to finally breakthrough the crap that is keeping you from attracting what you want so you feel confident applying this for the rest of your life in all areas of your life!

It’ll be uncomfortable and challenging yet so worth it! Let go of the draining low level energy and make room for the high vibrational things and experiences your heart truly desires. Your future self will thank you for taking this massive step to transforming your life from the inside out!

about Dayan

Dayan Eymard Garcia Campbell is a Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Psychic Medium who combines her unique set of skills and experience to help women who are stuck in a life sapped of joy, health and fulfillment to lives brimming with happiness, purpose and healing.

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Western Australia

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