14 Day Mind, Body, Spirit Reset Cleanse 

With the tools you will receive during the program, you will be able to set the foundation to a happier, healthier, more mindful, vibrant you!

The program is broken into three phases, pre-cleanse prep (which lasts two days), the cleanse (basic elimination diet, which lasts seven days), and the final phase which is the re-introduction phase (which lasts 5 days or you can go longer, up to you!). 


about this course

This course walks you through the foundational steps of a mind, body and spirit cleanse over 14 days. Although challenging, the results are truly incredible! Ditch fatigue, tummy bloat, inflammation, irritability and more by helping your mind and body clear out toxins and make room for spiritual expansion. You will thank yourself at the end!

about Dayan

Dayan Eymard Garcia Campbell is a Certified Health Coach, Reiki Master, Aroma Freedom Practitioner and Psychic Medium who combines her unique set of skills and experience to help women who are stuck in a life sapped of joy, health and fulfillment to lives brimming with happiness, purpose and healing.

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