I bought my first brand new car today!
Literally just off the boat and paid in cash!
This is a very big deal for me.
“What a show-off!”
“Who cares?”
“How materialistic!”
“Don’t share that with anyone, it’s not safe.”
“Haters will send you bad vibes.”
“She makes too much money!”
“They’re going to try to get money out of you now.”
“Lucky for her!”
…and the list can go on with the negative mental chatter, lots of words I’ve actually heard before, and others that my mind just made up from past experiences.
So why did I decide to share this with you?
Because to upgrade our mindset, we have to create new positive stories and beliefs and take action to reinforce the new beliefs.
I have transformed my mindset from being that person who thought $52k salary was a lot of money, to growing a million-dollar business during a global shut down, and now paying $52k cash for a brand new car I loved and ordered online.
However, paying that much money is still a big deal for me, so I naturally got triggered when I got the call that the boat had just arrived with my car.
I had financed the newest car I’d ever had before, which had had one previous owner. And I had that car was stolen on my birthday a few years back, no kidding.
I adopted a belief that it was not safe to have a brand new car because people would try to steal it or see it and think I had all this money and then try to hurt me or take advantage of me.
I even had a dream that I had a brand new car stolen and completely destroyed, and I didn’t have it insured so it was basically a huge loss.
This fear made it to my subconscious mind, where our limiting beliefs live.
What’s the limiting belief?
It’s not safe to be successful or have lots of money.
What’s the new belief I am choosing to align myself with?
It is safe for me to be successful and have lots of money.
How do I dissolve negative memories, feelings, thoughts around success and money to help me move forward and live with this new aligned belief?
I did an aroma freedom technique (one specifically created to deal with more traumatic memories or past experiences), which I was certified to do a few months ago, on myself and keep taking action until this new belief becomes my new way of being.
We don’t ever stop unlearning, learning, growing, and healing.
Every time we grow and heal, something else comes up that triggers more opportunities to heal and grow if we choose to.
And we keep doing this work for life.
If we aren’t growing, we aren’t living.
This is a lifestyle.
One. Step. At. A. Time.
Want to experience this type of empowered life where you are consciously creating what your heart desires?
If so, reach out!
I’ve got 1 spot for 1:1 VIP Coaching & Energy Healing and would be honored to hold space for you to create the life of your dreams.
With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo