I’ve always been a hardworking busy bee and for the longest, wore that like a badge of honor.
My parents are the same way, so it’s very likely that I’ve developed those habits and way of being from them.
When I took my first coaching training, I learned about habits, mindset and holistic health. It was then that I decided to never go back to how I used to be; allowing my health to take a toll.
I quit my paralegal career and started my own businesses and in the process, commenced a life long journey of unlearning and reconnecting with my true aligned self.
Since then, which has been 6 years now, I’ve earned more money than I ever thought possible, working way less hours, and working from anywhere in the world as long as I have internet access.
This did not happen overnight.
First, I had to discover what my beliefs and behaviors around making money were and shift them to others that were in alignment with what I wanted to experience.
Then I had to take action that was in alignment with this new way of being.
There was lots of resistance, tears, anger, frustration, feeling of loss, fear, grief for this old way of being.
I went from believing that you had to work your ass off to make 6 figures to believing that you could grow a million dollar business during a global shut down, working how many ever hours you wanted to work.
Sometimes guilt creeps back in, making me feel like I should be working harder to be earning what I earn.
Then I breathe through it and remind myself that that belief is just a belief.
A belief that was passed on to me from my parents who probably were taught those beliefs from their parents too!
I don’t have to work my ass off to earn lots of money and the proof is in my own personal experience, mentors, clients, friends and now family members too!
When my daughter grows up, she will know what it is like to not have to work a 9 to 5 job, be capped at a certain salary or hourly wage, because she will sees her mother living this way.
Her limiting beliefs about money will be whatever my husband and I teach her and show her.
When she grows up, she will live her life based on those beliefs. If we teach her that she can earn a lot of money doing what she loves and it’s not connected to how hard she works, she will most likely make decisions based on that belief. But if we are constantly telling her that there isn’t enough money, things are too expensive, we have to work hard to make money, then she will make decisions based on those beliefs too.
Beliefs determine the choices we make in our lives.
If we believe it’s more important to have a job, even if we hate it or it’s not fulfilling, than go after our dream career, we will stay in that job.
But if we believe that it is more important to go after our dream career, we will quit that job we hate or know is not fulfilling.
As I continue to shift my beliefs (remember, this a life long journey), I want to help others who want more out of their lives to do the same.
I want to show you what is possible for you and hopefully, have you show others to continue the ripple effect.
The more of us that learn how powerful our beliefs are and how we can change them through inner work, the more we will make the world a better and happier place.
And if you’re like, “Okay world peace fluff,” hear me out first.
When you are living the life you dreamed of, you are empowered, feel confident, fulfilled, you will naturally feel happier and most likely will want to do good for others to share the joy with the world.
However, when we feel like we have no choice, which is just a limiting belief, and we are stuck where we literally live, earning bracket, etc., we are unhappier and probably won’t want to give much, feel anger and maybe act it out.
I grew up in Oakland (the hood) where people got murdered for a pair of shoes or something that for a person like me, is not worth dying for.
I can assure you that if those people believed they could have a better life and had the power to change it, had someone supporting them and leading the way, that they would not be killing others for something like a pair of shoes.
I know what it feels like to be afraid that someone will harm you on your way home from school, all because they believe life is not fair and they get to act out their anger and take it away from the “white girl” as I was called because I was lighter skinned Mexican.
I also know what it’s like to be robbed (even if it was just an umbrella) and not fight back because you believed your safety was more important that an umbrella.
This is why I believe in the work that I do, because humanity depends on it.
I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a world where she is afraid of getting robbed or hurt when she walks home from school (if we end up not homeschooling).
If her world is the only world I get to change for the best because I did my own work, then I’ll die happy.
Now, I focused on work and money beliefs, but it’s the same process for all beliefs.
We have to do better and the best way we can do better is to start by changing our own inner world by doing the inner healing work.
If you want to life on your own terms and are ready to do the inner work, look for someone who can hold space for you and has done this or is doing this work for themselves.
And if that person may be me, reach out to find out how I can support you and if working together is a fit, no strings attached.
You are part of an infinite and abundant universe, it’s time to remove the blocks to receive what you truly desire and see what’s possible for you!
With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo