You are more powerful than you know.
How do I know this?
Because you’re alive right now.
And the infinite power that propelled you to get into your mother’s egg is still within you.
During the moments when life seems to be amazing, things just flow naturally, which is when we are standing in our power.
During the moments when we feel stuck, disempowered, tired, insecure as if we are swimming against the current and everything that can go wrong goes wrong, we are out of alignment and have given our power away.
I’ve experienced both. And I’ve experienced not standing in my power for most of my life.
Then when I first experienced what life was like when I was standing in my power and living fully, things just seemed to always work out (parking spots, money coming from all unexpected places, beautiful experiences landing at my feet almost, etc.), I thought it was too good to be true. I kept waiting for something to go wrong, then I’d fall back to that other “reality.”
So I leaned in and went deeper to see where this limiting belief came from, what trauma was attached to this, how far back generationally it went back.
It went far back and I was just breaking this generational cycle. It was hard to break free because it felt as if I were abandoning my predecessors, my family who weren’t fully living or standing in their power.
But knowing what I knew now, there was no going back for good even if I did repeat past pattern behaviors.
My responsibility was from me onward, for my children and future grandchildren. I made the commitment to stand in my power and live fully to break through the cycles and heal generational trauma for them.
The more we consciously set in intentions to create the life we want to create, connect with our true essence, stand in our power, align ourselves, the easier it becomes.
And the quicker we see what we do want to manifest!
Who would you stand in your power for?

With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo