You are a creator.
It’s your birthright.
As a creator, you are and have always been creating.
Now, the question is, what type of story (life) have you been creating?
What stories have you been telling?
I’ve told many different stories.
Most of them, to be honest, were of “me the victim.”
Then I realized it was just a story.
Things happen.
What is most important is what we make of the things that happen.
We can either learn from our experiences or use them to hold us back.
I got tired of using those stories to hold me back.
And because I am human, when they come back up, as they do, I remind myself that I am in control.
I am the one writing my story and I decide what happens.
I decide how I deal with whatever happened for me.
Living this way is a lifestyle.
It takes time to adjust, rewire our brain, establish new habits.
This is what I help clients do.
If you want to experience this and would love someone to hold space for you, guide you as you create your epic story, and that someone is me, reach out!
I’d love to support you in consciously creating the story you want to leave behind.
With love and gratitude,
-Dayan xo