What do you want?
Take three deep breaths and let whatever comes to be your answer.
If you’re game, dig deeper with your answers if they were something along the lines of, an expensive car, luxurious home, designer bag, a certain amount of money, fame, authority, specific body image, high position at work, degrees, etc.
Ask yourself why you REALLY want those things, and it will most likely lead to something else.
Maybe having lots of money will make you feel like you will have more safety or security or freedom to have what you want, do what you want.
Maybe having more authority will make you feel like you will be accepted, and essentially be loved.
At the core of all of our wants is a deeper desire, to be loved, to feel safe and secure, for example.
So you see, it’s never really about the external “thing” that we think we want.
When we let our heart lead, the answer may be as simple as, “I want to feel loved. I want to feel like I belong. I want to feel safe.”
When we stay with that feeling, without trying to control how we will create this feeling, we attract people, things, events that respond to this feeling that we want to feel.
When we try to control how we will get to feel these things, or think we will feel these things, we suffer.
Because sometimes the way we want to bring about certain experiences or feelings is just not what our higher self needs to grow and evolve.
This has been one of my biggest lessons to unlearn…and I’m still peeling layers each time I grow.
This is how I was able to grow a million-dollar business during “messy times,” like a global shut down, with a toddler, as I worked through my own health issues and did lots of childhood trauma healing!
What can you do now?
Get clear on what you truly want, lead with your heart and not your head, trust the process and surrender to the how.
Life does get better when we align with our soul, our heart, and go with the flow.
And if you want to break through whatever crap is holding you back from having what you want deep in your heart, are ready to get support and that support is me, send me a message to book a call.
With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo