Check out my cantaloupes!
All jokes aside, let me tell you a story about these cantaloupes and letting things just be instead of trying to control it all.
Since we moved back into our home in Perth, hubby and I have been working on becoming a bit more self-sufficient and growing our own fruit and veggies. ***Full disclosure, it’s been mostly him handling the garden work.
In the process, we’ve been composting our food scraps and using the soil to replenish our garden beds.
One day, one of the garden beds we’d replenished with soil and compost began to sprout.
We had no idea what it was. We thought we could just rip it out and plant what we wanted to plant in it, or just let it be.
We decided to just let it be and see what happened.
We continued to water the garden beds and soon, the garden bed took off.
We still had no clue what was growing, until one day, we saw round fuzzy shapes.
By filling the garden beds with incredibly healthy soil and watering it, nature naturally took its course (without us having to control anything else).
And now we get to enjoy the most delicious fruit!
You see, there is a magic, divine intelligence that exists in the world we live in.
This same divine intelligence that created the spark that ignited our existence in our mother’s womb, then grew us, without needing our mother do anything other than nourish her body, is the same divine intelligence that grew those cantaloupes.
For example, remember being a kid and getting cuts and scrapes?
Remember watching it turn into a scab and healing without us doing anything, other than possibly cleaning it, putting a bandaid on it, or when having your mom comfort or sing you a song? (“Sana, sana, colita de rana.” For my Spanish speakers).
Yet here we are, beings who have forgotten that we are divine and that we hold this innate intelligence within, without needing to consciously know how it all happens or being the ones who make every move to make things happen.
We also find ourselves often feeling like we have to outsource our power to make things happen, get told what to do or how to do it.
But what if we simply focused on nurturing our ecosystem, environment, our soil, tending to it by giving it what it needs (love, sunshine, healthy food, clean water, rest, movement, fresh air, laughter, play), and let things unfold like those cantaloupes?
What if we forgot about having all our ducks in a row?
What if we let go of having to know everything and instead trusted that the divine intelligence within knows what to do and trusting what will be is what needs to be for our highest good?
What if we truly just let it be?
Would we be more at peace?
More connected to our inner guidance so we aren’t outsourcing our power constantly?
Have more energy because we’re not expending it all thinking the sky will fall if we don’t do all the things?
What if we simply accepted that we have all we need, within?
As I continue to work on letting go of the need to control and have it all figured out, remember that I am divine and there’s an innate intelligence within, and reclaiming my power, I will continue to remind myself of those cantaloupes…and how delicious they were!
What if life can be delicious without having to try to control every single thing?
We are divine creators.
We are complete.

With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo