I gave birth again!!!
This time, to my own medicine drum.
I’d been super interested in getting one after having experienced them myself in drum healing sessions and wanted to incorporate it into my own healing and work with clients.
Initially, I thought I’d buy one so I looked around for a bit but wasn’t convinced and didn’t know much about how the drum was created.
My beautiful friend suggested I do a medicine drum workshop, where you literally create your own drum.
I don’t consider myself a very creative person, and working with my hands to do any sewing or weaving is not something I am really interested in. And in spite of the lack of interest, I decided to try something new and booked it anyway.
I left my home around 7:45am and got back at 10:45pm.
Yes, a full on day creating my medicine drum.
There was so much that went into my medicine drum, aside from my own energy and the intention I was infusing into it.
During the entire process, the facilitator ensured we were tuned in, energetically cleansed, and were giving thanks to the spirits involved in making this a possibility.
I felt like I was legit in labor.
Sitting for hours was super uncomfortable and made my back so sore. I kept shifting positions and stretching to ease the physical discomfort.
Mentally, my monkey mind came out to play, feeling the overwhelm over the task at hand, thinking I was fucking it all up, trying to do it all perfectly, etc. At times I just wanted to quit and have someone finish it for me, especially since my fingers were so sore!
But I kept breathing through it, moving my body to find more comfortable positions, and letting go of having my drum be this perfect piece of art.
Soon, I found myself lost in the experience, completely grounded and in a meditative relaxed state.
I felt good and knew this was one of the many things my medicine drum was gifting me.
Before the day began, I made a very conscious decision to leave my phone in my bag, in a separate room, to be truly present the entire time.
I didn’t take any pictures or videos, just fully immersed myself in birthing my medicine drum.
At the end of the night, I felt so proud of my drum and what I’d accomplished.
I gave myself the gift of going through this incredible process, a whole day to myself toddler free too!
And I cannot wait to share my medicine drum with others.
So very grateful for having the opportunity to have gone through this process to birth something so profoundly healing, to have been able to have the support of my husband (who not only watched our daughter the whole day but also cleaned and cooked so I’d have something to eat when I got back home), and to have experienced this with my beautiful friend.
My heart is very full.
With love and gratitude,

-Dayan xo

Ps. Thank goodness I’d booked a chiropractor appointment the next day!